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If you want to live and own a business in United Kingdom. UK startup visa and UK innovator visa are best route to your British passport. Everybody crave for a settled business, Secure future and relaxed environment for oneself and their family. UK startup and innovator Visa both give you the gateway to UK citizenship, in this you won’t be alone your kids and spouse can join you as well. Now it’s the high time to grab this opportunity and give life to your desires. Having an original, scalable business idea is the key to a successful innovator or startup visa application; it must be viable enough to be endorsed by endorsing bodies. However, criteria and financial requirements of both visas are a bit different. Our comprehensive legal and business service help you access the benefit of UK residency and start your path to British Citizenship.

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    It won’t be wrong if we say that you’re just one step away to take a plunge into your dream life. If you’re an entrepreneur and want to initiate your business for the first time in the UK. Along with that, if you have a feasible, reliable, and innovative business idea in your head but don’t know where to start then don’t worry, UK STARTUP  VISA is for you. You don’t have to be a graduate or there is no need for any initial backings. You just have to be good in English linguistics and your business idea must be viable enough to be endorsed by UK Government, but make sure you spend the majority of your time developing your business during your stay in the UK. you don’t have to be the sole founder of the start-up, which means you are allowed to do a joint venture as well, but you must fulfill the requirements on an individual basis.

    Along with that, there is no hustle of living alone, your spouse and kids may accompany you as your dependents, and kids will be provided low-cost medical and free education. Not only this you can also travel where ever you want and then return to the UK. Applicants for UK start-up visas receive 2 years of UK residency. However, it can be extended into other visa categories to prolong the stay in the UK and ultimately lead to settlement.


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    Change is inevitable but Growth is intentional, if you’re business professional and desirous of setting your business in UK. Along with that you’ve an innovative business plan with potential for growth but have no idea where to start? UK innovator visa is your gateway towards UK citizenship.

    Your Business idea must be scalable, innovative, and viable enough to be endorsed by endorsing body. You can work as a solo founder. or together as a part of entrepreneurial team. Joint venture arrangements are also acceptable. Along with that, one should’ve at least £50,000 in investment funds and proficient in English linguistics to apply for Innovator visa. Luckily your spouse and children may accompany you as your dependants, Kids will be provided low cost medical and free education.

    Also with innovator visa you can travel abroad and return to UK, not only this you can work in another job while working for your business.

    Innovator visas are valid for 3 years, applicants can apply for extension of validity of visa, also there is no limit on number of times you apply for extension. Along with that after staying three years in UK one can apply for UK settlement.

    Don’t miss out this Golden opportunity and take this reliable route with Global Migrate to permanent settlement in UK and enjoy the secure and relaxed lifestyle.

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